Ter-el, the Elven God of Wisdom

Before the advent of existentialism, the elven people were mostly mystics who worshipped natural deities. The most powerful of those deities was Ter’el, god of the Trees, who later came to embody wisdom. Ter’el was both blind and mute, and could only speak through the wind in the leaves of autumn, who cried tears in the showers of spring, and who passed thunderous judgment in the storms of winter. Early offerings to Ter’el included the best fruit of the harvest, but in time became the small wooden statues known as Li’tani, or Houses-of-the-Soul. Such idols were carved once a year by elven shamans, and were said to hold the true essence of the owner.

Once a year the Li’tani were thrown into the fiery altars of Ter’el and burned to ash. By doing so, the elven people thought that Ter’el had purged them of all impurities and pettiness. A new Li’tani was obtained from the elven shaman, and a new cycle could begin again.

  • Alignment: Noble
  • Aspect: Nature, ancestry, wisdom, community.
  • Powers: Analyze foe*, armor, barrier, beast friend, bolt, boost/lower trait, burrow, detect/conceal arcana, dispel, elemental manipulation (earth), entangle, environmental protection, fly, greater healing, healing, light, obscure, quickness, shape change, slumber*, smite (hands turn into animal claws), speak language, stun, teleport.
  • Duties: Preserve nature, act with wisdom, protect those closest to you.
  • Sins: (Minor) allowing acts of cruelty against defenseless animals, mistreating an animal, wearing fur from a beast that did not die of natural causes; (Major) knowingly lead those close to you into danger for personal gain; (Mortal) willfully destroying a forest or other natural area.

* = Found in Fantasy Companion

Complete list of available spells can be found here.

Ter-el, the Elven God of Wisdom

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