Skills and Languages

Skill Linked Attribute Effected by Magic/Technology
Alchemy + Smarts X
Athletics (Climbing and Swimming) Strength
Boating Agility X
Driving Agility X
Faith + Spirit
Fighting Agility
Gambling Smarts
Healing Smarts
Intimidation Spirit
Investigation Smarts
Knowledge (Arcana) Smarts
Knowledge (Geography) Smarts
Knowledge (History) Smarts
Knowledge (Linguistics) Smarts
Knowledge (Religion) Smarts
Knowledge (Technology) Smarts
Lockpicking Agility X
Notice Smarts
Persuasion Spirit
Repair Smarts X
Riding Agility
Shooting (Non-Firearms) Agility
Shooting (Firearms) Agility X
Spellcasting + Smarts X
Stealth Agility
Streetwise Smarts
Survival (Includes Tracking) Smarts
Taunt Smarts
Technomancy +~ Smarts X
Throwing Agility

+ = This skill can only be acquired and improved if you have the appropriate Arcane Background Edge.
~ = Functions like the Arcane Background (Weird Science).

All playable races begin play fluent in Common.

Learnable Language Associated Race
Abyssal Demons
Aklo Aberrations
Arachne Arachnids
Bedoka Bedokaan (Reptilian Humanoids)
Dwarven Dwarves
Elemental Elementals
Druhir Dark Elves
Elven Elves
Giant Ogres
Gnomish Gnomes
Halfling Halflings
Lycan Lycanthropes
Necril Undead
Orcish Orcs

Skills and Languages

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