Makaal, the Bedokaan God of the Hunt

Little is known of the Bedokaan. Lizard-like creatures that travel in nomadic tribes, the Bedokaan have lived within the swamps of the Dark Fens for millennia. Sir Warren Purrington, the famous 16th century gnomish explorer, left perhaps the only true account of them or their ways. The following is an excerpt from Fauna and Specie of the Darke Fens.

“I’ve discovered a most unusual tribe of creatures, covered in scale and slime, who call themselves the Bedokaan. Apparently, they’ve never seen any of what I’d call the ‘civilized races’, whether gnomish or otherwise. They have language, and the most elementary beginnings of culture, but besides that seem altogether wild and ferocious. Their simple religion revolves around deities they call the Snake-fathers, one of whom is a being named Makaal, the god of the Hunt. Before their daily outings to find food, Bedokaan warriors kneel before the altar of Makaal, and offer small pieces of something they call Heartstone, which looks to be some form of rough diamond or crystal. Where they get them, I’ve yet to ascertain. "

“Bedokaan warriors believe that the offerings to Makaal give them speed when hunting their prey. Truly, these are a primitive people.”

  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Aspects: Hunt, wild, agility, strength.
  • Powers: Analyze foe*, armor, barrier, beast friend, bolt, boost/lower trait, burrow, burst, detect/conceal arcana, dispel, elemental manipulation (Fire) , entangle, environmental protection, fear, healing, jet*, obscure, puppet, quick, sluggish reflexes*, smite, damage field, speed, stun, teleport.
  • Duties: To consume only the flesh you hunt yourself, honor your ancestors, avoid becoming prey.
  • Sins: (Minor) Not offering prayer or tribute each morning; (Major) Consuming flesh not killed by your own hands; (Mortal) Allowing the hunted to become hunter.

* = Found in Fantasy Companion

Complete list of available spells can be found here.

Makaal, the Bedokaan God of the Hunt

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