Kai-tan, the goddess of Balance

Kai’tan is the daughter of the moon and the sun, and so is the half-sister to both Halcyon and Moorindal. Kai’tan is a trickster, a cunning goddess who is forever using her skills upon her two more emotional half-brothers, setting them against one another, and laughing when they blame the other for their problems.

Her worshippers have most assuredly included thieves and actors, but Kai’tan was also the goddess of judges who prayed to her for guidance and discernment in all decisions, seeking her cunning knowledge when dealing with enemies and miscreants. It was said that Kai’tan knew all things, as well as their value and she was always depicted smiling, because most things are worth nothing at all.

Worshipers of Kai’tan have always offered to her the geode, which represented both the beautiful and the evil in the world.

  • Aspects: Justice, magic, knowledge, balance, wisdom, trickery.
  • Powers: Armor, barrier, beast friend, boost/lower trait, burrow, deflection, detect/conceal arcana, disguise*, dispel, entangle, environmental protection, fear, growth/shrink, havoc, healing, intangibility*, invisibility, legerdemain*, light, obscure, puppet, quickness, smite, speak language, speed, stun, teleport, wall walker.
  • Duties: To always rely on your cunning, to not be weighed down by things in life like others,
  • Sins: (Minor) allowing others to trick or fool you; (Major) allowing the trappings of minor things, events, or individuals to sway your decisions; (Mortal) relying on foolishness rather than your own cunning when making important decisions.

* = Found in Fantasy Companion

Complete list of available spells can be found here.

Kai-tan, the goddess of Balance

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