Alberich, Stone God of the Dwarves

Very little is known of dwarvish religions, although there is great speculation that the dwarves have a long tradition of philosophy. The dwarvish Clan Wars of 600 years ago quite possibly were started because of a conflict of philosophical beliefs. Regardless, the ancient dwarven god Alberich has always weighed heavily in dwarvish lore. According to the oldest dwarvish myths, it is upon the spine of Alberich that Arcanum rests, and the dwarves are his first children who are privileged to live within him. Alberich is the most ancient of things, and loves those who are slow to anger, deep of thought and hardworking. He sings to his children in the shiftings of mountains, in the roar of volcanoes, and whispers to them in the still air of long forgotten caverns, deep underground.

To the altars of Alberich, dwarves bring chunks of lava rock. To them it represents his anger, which can be terrible, but which is cool and light when all is well with his children.

  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Aspects: Earth, Philosophy, Patience, Labor.
  • Powers: Analyze foe*, armor, banish, barrier, bless, boost/lower trait, burrow, concentrate*, deflection, detect/conceal arcana, dispel, elemental manipulation (Earth), entangle, environmental protection, healing, invisibility, legerdemain*, light, quickness, smite, speak language, speed, stun.
  • Duties: Be dutiful in your craft and be slow to anger.
  • Sins: (Minor) quick to anger; (Major) haphazardly performing your profession(s); (Mortal) throwing away yours or others skills that have been acquired through hard work.

* = Found in Fantasy Companion

Complete list of available spells can be found here.

Alberich, Stone God of the Dwarves

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