Velorien, the All-Father

Of all the pagan gods, the least is know about Velorien, or the All-Father. References to him are few and far between, but all of the religions speak of a deity who watches over all, and from whom all was created. There are only two known passages that refer to the All-Father by name, and both are from “The Book of the Twelve Powers”, written by Mazzerin, the Elven Mystic, almost 3000 years ago. The second will be discussed later.

The first says:

“…and the City of Wonders made great offerings to the All-Father, and he blessed them, and gave them power, and they made things never seen before by the eyes of man…”

If there were offerings made to Velorien, it is unknown what they were, or what was expected of him if the offering was made.

  • Aspects: Creation, life, death, fate, knowledge.
  • Powers: None.
  • Duties: Unknown.
  • Sins: Unknown.

Velorien, the All-Father

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