Torg, God of the Ogre Heart

The ogre god Torg is still worshipped by the more primitive ogre tribes, and was earliest of the ogre deities to survive the Age of Legends. Ogre lore tells that Torg was the father of many children, and that long ago there were many gods to rule over the ogrish people. As time passed, Torg saw that his children had forgotten what it meant to be ogrish, and slew them all. From the bodies of his children he pulled their still beating hearts and ate them, bringing into himself all the best parts of them, and threw the rest into the sea.

Torg is known as the God of the Ogre Heart, and every year the ogre tribes who still worship him eat the hearts of hunted stags in deference to him. The bodies of the stags are thrown to the western sea, where the ogres lament Torg’s lost children, and praise his strength and wisdom.

  • Alignment: Darker
  • Aspects: Strength, command, family, cannibalize.
  • Powers: Armor, barrier, beast friend, bolt, boost/lower trait (Strength, Vigor and combat skills only), deflection, detect/ conceal arcana, dispel, draining touch*, environmental protection, fear, havoc, jet*, light, obscure, pummel, quickness, shape change (fighting animals only), smite, speed.
  • Duties: To lead with strength, to use the strengths of others, to not show weakness.
  • Sins: (Minor) not leading or taking charge of others; (Major) allowing others to take advantage of you; (Mortal) allowing yourself to be mortally wounded by those beneath you.

* = Found in Fantasy Companion

Complete list of available spells can be found here.

Torg, God of the Ogre Heart

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