Rule Changes and Restrictions

Allowed Source Material for Character Use

Player’s may only use the following sources listed below for Edges, Hindrances, Powers, and rules referencing.

  • Anything on this Wiki
  • Savage Worlds: Deluxe Explorer’s Edition
  • Fantasy Companion

Banned Edges and Hindrances

Type Name
Arcane Background Psionics
Arcane Background Sorcery
Arcane Background Super Powers
Hindrance Doubting Thomas (Minor)
Power Edges Power Points
Power Edges Rapid Recharge
Power Edges Improved Rapid Recharge
Power Edges Soul Drain
Professional Edge Mentalist

Changed Rules

  • Edges
    • Wizard: Requirements remain the same. However the edge changes the backlash effect from 2d6 damage to simply loosing access to the power until the end of combat. The player may spend a benny to negate this effect.
    • Power Surge: Requirements remain the same. When dealt a Joker the player is immune from Backlash effects, failure, and their powers automatically succeed this round. The arcane spell die is still rolled for the sake of Raises and Aces.

Rule Changes and Restrictions

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