Geshtianna, human goddess of Love

Gehstianna has been a central figure in human Paganism for as long as their history has been recorded. Human mythology claims that Geshtianna was once a mortal woman who was so beautiful that she was made into a god by the moon and the sun, who could no longer bear to be outshone by something so far below them, and so raised her up to the heavens. Humans believed that Geshtianna would smile down upon them at twilight, when the sun was setting and the moon was rising, and that her love and beauty were manifested in the springtime, between winter and the long, hot days of summer. The festivals to the goddess were a time of great celebration, wrought with music and drink, as well as various rites of physicality and fertility.

Offerings at the altars of Geshtianna were usually Passion Root, which came to be thought of as an aphrodisiac and was often used during the festivals.

  • Alignment: Noble
  • Aspects: Love, beauty, fertility.
  • Powers: Armor, barrier, banish*, bless/curse, blind*, bolt, boost/lower trait, concentrate*, confusion*, detect/conceal arcana, dispel, elemental manipulation (water), farsight*, fear, light, obscure, greater healing, healing, invisibility, quickness, slumber*, succor*, summon ally*, teleport.
  • Duties: Assist those who are in search of love, protect beauty wherever you find it, punish those who would use love as a means of hurting others.
  • Sins: (Minor) sowing the seeds of jealousy in others; (Major) willfully scarring something beautiful; (Mortal) manipulating the romantic feelings of others to the point that they forfeit their life.

* = Found in Fantasy Companion

Complete list of available spells can be found here.

Geshtianna, human goddess of Love

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